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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  August 12, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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record "hannity" the series and we hope you'll start your day with fox and friends he was called the funniest man alive. >> nan nu. >> while robin williams made the world laugh he was struggling in personal life. and today news that the oscar winning actor and comedian he committed suicide by hanging himself. winona judd is here. the morin county sheriff's office releasing new information on williams' death. >> good morning. my name is keith boyd. i'm a lt. with the morin
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county sheriff's office and i currently serve as the assistant chief coroner overseeing the day-to-day operations of the coroner division. first off i would like to extend the condolences from the sheriff's office to the williams family. i have a prepared statement and i ask that you hold your questions until the end of our statement. my last name is spelled b-o-y-d. on august 11th, 2014, at approximately 11:55 a.m., morin county communications received a 911 telephone call reporting that a male adult had been located unconscious and not breathing inside his residence located at 95 saint thomas way, unincorporated tiburon, california. the caller was distraught and indicated at that time that it was an apparent suicide due to a hanging had taking place and that rig
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rigamortis had set in. dispatched to the incident with the emergency personnel arriving on scene at 12:00 p.m. the male subject, who was pronounced deceased by firefighters from the tiburon fire department at 12:02 p.m. has been identified as robin mcloren williams a 63-year-old resident of unincorporated tiburon, california. preliminary information developed during the investigation by coroner division personnel has revealed mr. williams had been seeking treatment for depression. mr. williams was last seen alive by his wife at approximately 10:30 p.m. august 10th, 2014, when she retired for the evening in a room from the home. it is unknown at this time when mr. williams retired for the evening in a bedroom in his home. at approximately 10:30 a.m.,
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on august 11th, 2014, mr. williams' wife left the home, believing mr. williams to still be asleep. mr. williams' personal assistant became concerned at approximately 11:45 a.m. had he failed to respond to knocks on his bedroom door. at that time the personal assistant was able to gain access to mr. williams' bedroom and entered the bedroom to find mr. williams clothed in a seated position, unresponsive with a belt secured around his neck with the other end of the belt wedged between the clothes closet door and the door frame. his right shoulder area was touching the door with his body perpendicular to the door and slightly suspended. mr. williams at that time was cool to the touch with rigger mortis present and liver mortis for the position he was.
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in his wrist had several superficial. a a pocket knife with a closed blade was located in close proximity to mr. williams. the pocket knife was examined and a dry red material was elected on -- on the blade. consistent with dried blood. unknown if the the dried red material is in fact blood or if it is mr. williams' blood. scientific testing will be conducted to evaluate its investigative value. mr. williams was transported from the scene to the napa county sheriff's office morgue by the coroner division pending a forensic examination which was conducted this morning prior to this press conference. the forensic examination conducted by dr. joseph cohen, who is the sheriff's office for morin county chief forensic pathologist did not reveal any injuries indicating mr. williams had been in a struggle or a a physical altercation prior to him being located deceased. the preliminary and i again
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say preliminary results of the forensic examination revealed supporting physical signs that mr. williams' life ended ended from asphyxia e to hanging. toxicology testing will be conducted to determine if mr. williams had any chemical substances in his system at the time of his death toxicology results will not be available for approximately 2 to 6 weeks while the testing is being performed please note this is an investigation into the cause manner and circumstances plaintiff williams' death. the work of the coroner's office is not complete at this time. the final cause and manner of death will not be certified until conclusion of the investigation which is several weeks away. when the investigation is concluded, and our final results are ready for dissemination, a press conference will be scheduled at that time. additionally, i have
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received numerous requests for copies of 911 and dispatch recordings as well as investigative reports. please note each request will be handled in accordance with public record act guidelines with responses provided to those who have submitted them within 10 days. autopsy was conducted in napa county, primarily due to the morin county sheriff's office does not possess a government morgue facility. we have a private contract with a local mortuary who the facilities are up to par with the government morgue but it is not a government facility and due to security concerns and the opportunity to ensure that he we want to preclude images and other things, what may have occurred in that examine going public we used a public we knew was secure. an investigation is ongoing although the primary preliminary indication right now suicide, we want to be thorough, we want to make sure we cover all the bases, dot all oure sure we are not forgetting anything else.
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we are not being presumptive and overlooking something in the case. we will continue to review individuals who may have information that's pertinent to our case. medical information, medical history. it's a comprehensive standard coroner investigation. mr. williams' case is consistent with any investigation that we conduct for any citizen who passes within the boundaries of morin county. unfortunately due to the notoriety plaintiff williams that's why all of you are here today. we will at the final at the -- excuse me, yes, at the final press conference we will make that final determination but at this time our indication is that it is a suicide due to asphyxia due to hanging. >> for more on the death of robin williams, the news that has left the world stunned, tmz executive producer harvey levin joins us. good evening, harvey. >> good evening, greta. >> seems like everyone is heart broken because he entertained us for some years for some decades. was theward out that he was
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doing particularly poorly in the last days and weeks? >> well, we did a story last month and found out that he had gone to a rehab facility in hazelton in minnesota. and what we were told by his people is that he had fallen off the wagon. the way they described it was a tune up. in reality, what we know, is that he was severely depressed. and around that time, greta, i can tell you people in his life were saying it was so bad and these are their words, that they thought he might be beyond the point of no return. that it was that desperate. on the other hand i have spoken to somebody who had talked to him very shortly before he died, i won't give you the time frame, but sometime within a fairly narrow time frame who said that there wasn't anything particularly out of the usual. that you know, robin had
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these problems. but there was nothing really out of the ordinary and then he did this. so, that's just the way it happened. >> to try to give, you know, more information people always want to know was there a note? did he even say anything as he, you know, to try to help people understand this? >> i can tell you that i know from the various family sources that they say there was no note, that the family was -- they had people in the house. i mean, you know the personal assistant was in the house. they have not been told, at least as of a couple of hours ago, they have been told no note. and they believe there isn't a note. one thing i was told and i can't tell you whether this is so or not, but i know this is kind of going around the family, which is that they have been told that oftentimes when people are not serious about suicide, they will leave a note when they really aren't intent on killing themselves and oftentimes when people are,
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they don't leave notes. i can tell you that that's a a fact. but i know that people in the family have been told that. >> very tough facts his wife 10:390 night before she got up in the morning and went some place. did she work or something and she thought he was sleeping? >> she was running errands. she actually left to run errands so she was gone. the personal assistant came over, we're told, that the personal establishment knew that he was in there, knocked at the door, and was surprised that nobody was answering. she went to a window, knocked at a window and then somehow got in the house and then discovered him. >> and now, of course, the horrible news. do you think he knew that, you know, how big a deal he was? like you always sort of think that people at their wits end commit suicide were at a low. he was a big deal to the entertainment world and successful. do you think he had an appreciation for his success? i think he knew he was successful. greta, four oscar
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nominations he won. the guy was he enormously successful. but i don't think success and depression necessarily intersecond at least completely. he has had problems for a long time with depression. he has even talked about it. and this is something that just really ate him away. i don't know if you guys have the picture that we posted on the web site of him at this dairy queen when he was at this hazelton rehab facility last month. he went to a dairy queen and somebody took a picture with him. he just looks desperate. i don't think it's that robin williams felt nobody cared about him. i think he has been dealing with something he was dealing with something far deeper. i will tell you this: we have been around for nine years at we have never gotten a bigger reaction for anyone who died than robin williams, even michael jackson, in terms of traffic on the web site, bigger than
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michael jackson, there is nothing that compares to it. our web site crashed as a result. >> harvey, i didn't mean to suggest that success meant you couldn't have -- be really down in the dumps. i didn't mean that and my question may have been inartfully asked. harvey, thank you for jing us. always nice to see you. >> good seeing you. >> and from hollywood blockbuster to l.a. comedy clubs robin williams always made audiences laugh. louie anderson calling williams a national treasure. louie anderson joins us this evening. good evening, lieuy. >> hey, how are you, greta? >> good. what a tough night for everybody, but especially for you and his other close friends. >> >> you know. you felt the first time you meet or met robin, you felt connected to him. and i met him at the comedy store and i was, you know, just starting to get my career going he was just so really kind and generous and
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went on stage everyone disappeared, greta, there was no room for anyone else in the whole room. he made the whole room full of himself. and a he -- this meteor. i mean, automatically jealous of how talented he was just as a comedian. i don't mean outwardly aggressively jealous, but envy and all those things audience member. he was so great and you knew you were in the presence of something far beyond your own grasp he was a special one in a zillion. >> what made him such a special comedian?
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put up a poster arsonnial hall. roseanne barr. david letterman, all these great comedians, in turning to robin, why was he so good? what was about him? did he study hart or funny or wrote his own material? what was it? >> i think what he was he was unbridled, i think he was completely -- you know, if you were to almost cut somebody right down the so exposed as a human being. he was completely and, you know, he was raw up there you felt like oh my god this guy is laying it all out here every good, bad, ugly, beautiful thing about himself. he didn't hold anything back and he wasn't afraid. i think what it was is i think he was a combination
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of that tremendous likeness and tremendous equal darkness that comes with entertaining and comedy. i think he had both of them. at such a high level. that, you know, we all just watched him in awe and we all cherished him. he was a real, like i said, a a national treasure. he is our biggest loss medium wise in such a long time. >> we just showed pictures or video of him when he entertained the troops. so much appreciated. we know him as an entertainer and you know him as a friend. what was he like as a friend on a personal level? >> you know, we didn't -- i didn't -- you know, like he was just like you knew him. he was like a brother. he was like -- i didn't even hang out with robin outside the comedy store. that was my experience with him. but he was -- he remembered everything about you.
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he remembered the thing you did before we used to do a drunk character together. and he was like your best friend. he was like your best friend. and he was more likely to ask you if you were all right than be concerned with himself. and i think that that, you know is, a giant heavy burden on a guy like that. i think he was very concerned with everybody else feeling well. and i think he ran out of -- i think he ran -- i think that he couldn't continue to get filled up from the comedy and that kind of stuff. i don't think he could get filled up anymore or from the profession and i think that depression -- i think depression finally takes its toll on people, greta. i think it runs in my family and it runs in my life but you have to step outside of it and that's what i felt who did you call today after
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you heard about robin williams? who did you reach out to? louie thank you very much for joining us. >> robin williams is being being remembered for his work that entertained us all. >> good morning, vietnam! ♪ ♪ dude looks like a lady. >> surprise. [ laughter ] >> gather while you may. sentiment is car pay deelm. >> you have a lovely fungus growing out of your head. [ laughter ] >> fungus? what fun gus? what? >> fungus any major group of fung guy including mushrooms, mold or mildew. >> i always wear mildew when i want to impress a guy. >> i wish for your freedom one bonafide prince pedigree coming up.
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>> genie, you're free. >> the water's boiling. >> hello. >> >> i'm sorry to frighten you. i must look like a yedi. >> what's up? you are home early, girlfriend. >> bad times, always wake up to the good stuff you weren't paying attention to. >> you don't regret meeting your wife? >> why? because the pain i feel now? i got regrets, will, i don't regret a single day i spent with her. >> mork calling orson. come in,orson. mork calling orson, come in orson. >> mork calling orson come iny you boob tubeness. >> is that you, mork? >> yes, sir. talk about your bad connections here. you been chewing on the lines again?
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kibble, not cable. >> mork, pull yourself together. >> yes, sir. >> oh, good to have you back. sorry, i lost my head. >> and the entertainment world paying tribute to robin williams. winona judd is here to talk about her friend robin williams. plus, williams was a favorite guest on the late night talk shows. coming up, you will see his first and last appearances on "the tonight show" on johnny carson. our coverage life and death of robin williams continues. >> your is over. >> oh, no, to live, to live will be an no matter where you want to be or what you want to do, chances are we're already there. 12 brands. more hotels than anyone else in the world. like super 8, where every destination is super. for a chance to win one million dollars, visit
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pouring in from celebrities from hollywood to broadway it to nashville. country music star winona judd tweeted sitting here in my kitchen looking out my window i just received the news about the death of robin williams. i'm simply stunned. winona joins us. good evening, winona. >> good evening. >> it's always tough on these nights when people -- those of us who did know him felt like we did know him. your thoughts tonight? >> >> i'm really emotional because this hits very close to home. i have such a tenderness to
11:24 pm
him. as we know behind humor is often sadness, and growing up in my family i used humor. it saved my life. you met mom and i and you know the dynamics. when you are a comedian and known for being funny. what i remember the most about robin was his sweet and tender heart. you know, i'm not an actor. i'm not in the show business hollywood scene and you know them as a famous person as we all do. child like he could have blown me off. you know what i'm saying? he could have he saw and embraced me and was kind and i think life is more important than show business. it's not just what he does. >> and you met him first at a charity event, andre
11:25 pm
agassi charity event? >> i think the part i play tonight is reminding people how much he gave. he was giver, he did a lot of charity. the very first time i met robin was at the andre agassi event in vegas it was a huge splash, lots of photographers and big name stars. in the middle of all that chaos, there was a really sweet moment between the two of us, i have a picture of it i just think about who he was. you know, not just what he did. we all know that but just a snapshot to remind everyone, you know, don't forget who this sweet man was. he is a father. he is a husband. he is a child of god. he is not just this comedian on stage. when i heard the news, i thought, you know, depression is so misunderstood. and it's not a character flaw. it's just a really hopeless place that i have been to.
11:26 pm
i just mourn my friend the person, not the performer and who he is not what he is to the world to me tonight. i just spent today with my animals under a shade tree literally trying to understand why this had to happen. >> i'm sorry to interrupt you. i'm sorry why knownna. you know what? i always love it when you join us. i hope you come back next time under much different circumstances. >> well, we celebrate him and i just thank god that i am able to call in and spread some light on the fact that this beautiful, sweet spirit is a part of all of us. >> why knownna, thank you for joining us this evening. >> okay, my dear. >> and robin williams was a favorite. late night talk show circuit. the comedian making his tonight show debut back in 1981. >> where is home for you or did you come from a home? >> all the people in the institution, tommy. you haven't taken your medication yet. this is going to be fun.
11:27 pm
>> how are you, mr. williams? i'm real fine. >> look at this thing, look, flipper. [ laughter ] right now there is a stunt man going what are you doing? >> relax, relax, relax, on tv. you are a nice man you won't hurt me. >> no, no. >> thank you. >> don't be afraid. the sores went away. [ laughter ] >> and in 1992, williams was one of the last guests as carson ended his tenth show run. "the tonight show" run. >> this is an amazing night. go run for office, man. >> no, no. >> go! yes. >> no, no. you and gorbachev. >> back in high school did in the back of a '3 the chrysler and that will come out to haunt me. >> robin williams appearing
11:28 pm
on just about every other late night show over the last three decades. and straight ahead. well, this should be very interesting. former secretary of state hillary clinton and president obama getting ready to go to the same friend's birthday party. this birthday party just days after secretary clinton slammed president obama. that's coming up. but, first, some remember him as mork from oh. others as mrs. doubtfire. more celebrity reaction next. [ man ] cortana, when my wife calls remind me to tell her happy anniversary. [ cortana ] next time you talk to caroline, i'll remind you. [ siri ] oh no, i cannot do that. oh, and remind me to get roses when i'm near any flower shop. sure thing. remind you when you get to flower shop. i can't do that either. cortana, it's gonna be a great night. [ beep ] oh wow! thanks for the traffic alert. i better get going. now that is a smart phone. ♪ oh, wait ♪ it's 'cause you make me smile ♪
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>> but it wasn't his fault. >> sit down, mr. anderson. one more outburst from you or anyone else and you are out of this school. leave, mr. keating. i said leave, mr. keating. captain, my captain. >> sit down, mr. anderson. do you hear me? sit down. sit down. this is your final warning, anderson, how dare you. do you hear me? can't, my can't?
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>> mr. observer street, i warned you, sit down. sit down. sit down. sit down. all of you. i want you seated. sit down. leave, mr. keating. >> oh, captain my captain. robin williams starring in the film dead poet society and turning one line from a poem big part of pop culture. movie stars all paying tribute to robin williams. alex meranda joins us. good evening, alex. >> good evening, greta. celebrities to fans to co-workers have been tweeting their thoughts. goodwill hunting. goodwill hunting. helped launch affleck's career. robin had a ton of love and did so much for so much. i'm sorry, did so much for so many, he made my dreams come true. what you do for a guy who
11:34 pm
does that? everything, other celebrities are continuing to pay tribute some 24 hours after news of his death broke. and it's not just actors. lance armstrong tweetingier today, rip robin i will always remember you as one hell of a friend. i love you and miss you terribly. you may remember henry winkler starred alongside robin williams on happy days. robin williams was lick no other to. watch him create on the spot was a privilege to behold. robin, you are an angel now, rest in peace. one thing that actually a lot of people don't know is that robin was already addicted to cocaine while on mork and mindy, that was the happy days spin off that kick started his career in the 1980 os, greta? >> we hear so much about all the sadness in his life. did he have any other problems in his life going on besides depression? that certainly is enough. were there other pressures on him? >> he obviously lived a very
11:35 pm
sort of stressful life considering his career. he was addicted to drugs since he was very young. on top of that he had an open heart surgery not too long ago and that actually contributed to his depression because that is, in fact, a side effect of a procedure like this. he was especially sort of reacting to what that was. >> and stability in his professional career? he was getting parts and financially secure? >> you know, he was. he has obviously been very successful from a very young age and starring in more movies coming out since his passing. hes has four coming up. one of them, of course, is the see squeal to night at the museum third installment in that film. we are still going to see at love robin williams coming up. thank goodness, in the big screen. alex, thanks very much. >> thank you. >> joining us, my old friend, larry king who has interviewed just about everybodied in the world and nice to talk to you again, larry. larry, robin williams once roasted you.
11:36 pm
1980 or 81. guested on that show. television as washington and doing my national radio show out of washington. the show got on in san francisco. so we were doing remotes in san francisco. so, a bunch of local comics did a roast of me at a local nightclub and they advertised it around the city and robin hosted the roast and i would tell you what he said but we are on a family network it was very funny. he was quite a guy i got to know him and interviewed him on television. i also did an event with him in san francisco. big charity. and i hosted it. and he was the comic of the evening. and he was very warm. awfully receptive. easily accessible.
11:37 pm
very giving. kind-hearted. you know, he went to julliard with christopher reeve and they remained lifelong friends chris had that tragic accident robin was right there with him. and he spoke at his memorial. if you knew him, if he was your friend, he was your friend for life. you couldn't ask for -- there wasn't a better human being and tragic figure to go this way. in my lifetime, i can't think of another person like this dying in -- this way. larry, always nice to talk to you. obviously the circumstances aren't particularly good, they are sad tonight. larry, thank you very much for joining us. >> any time, greta, thanks. >> and developing now, a helicopter delivering aid to refugees crashes in iraq. a live report from iraq is next. it's simple physics... a body at rest tends to stay at rest... while a body in motion tends to stay in motion.
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this is a fox news alert. helicopter delivering emergency tied mountaintop where there are stranded refugees crashes in iraq. that as conducts against isis and sends more military personnel to iraq. greg palkot live with the very latest. greg? >> greta, that's right. it was a tragic accident in the middle of a humanitarian disaster iraqi air force helicopter bringing splice, aid to the ethnic minority stranded on that mountain to the west where we are. apparently took off after it delivered those supplies with refugees on board. too many and then it crashed. the pilot, an heroic pilot we are told, died in that crash. and there were many injured. including "new york times" reporter allison reuben. meanwhile, more u.s. air strikes to report. an unmanned drone hitting a mortar position of the isis
11:43 pm
militants, they were targeting the kurdish trying to beat back the militants. the u.s. might be supplying more arms. in baghdad looks like the incumbent prime minister nouri al maliki's days might be finally numbered. complaints he is he tood too di. iraqi president named successor. al maliki reacted against it putting his own forces out on the street. as support for the move inside and outside iraq grew, even from iranian officials, it appears to be that he is backing down. but not backing outs. finally, greta, one more note about this huge refugee crisis, fox news can can confirm that the u.s. military will be sending further 130 advisors up to this area to plan what reports are saying could be a major international aid effort to try to get food,
11:44 pm
water, to these people but most importantly, to get these people off of that mountain, could be in the thousands, back to you. >> greg, thank you. as isis gains control as it sweeps across iraq and syria. foreign policy and political bombshell. former secretary of state hillary clinton slamming president obama's failure to aid the syrian rebels and its his reluctance to get involved in any foreign conflicts in an interview with the atlantic, secretary clinton says great nations need organizing principles and don't do stupid stuff is not an organizing principle. of course that was a slap at the president and former u.n. ambassador john bolton joins us. good evening, sir. >> geographic. >> first you have the situation where the president obama in the new yorker in january isis. groups like isis, now former secretary of state, yank of anything more dismissive than essentially to say his foreign policy don't do stupid stuff? >> i think that was obama's own assistants saying that and implicit the president as well. what mrs. clinton is saying now that she is
11:45 pm
distinguishing herself from obama but i think on competence grounds, i disagree with those who say this shows what a hawk hillary clinton is what moderate. that is essentially misreading her real philosophy. i think she is reading the polls and saying i have got to have distance between myself and obama. it's because he is incompetent and i'm not. >> she is more hawkish. she voted to go into iraq back in 2003. >> which she admitted, in a cabinet discussion, that bob gates in his memoir reported on was done for purely political purposes. >> none the less, it was the vote. second thing is at least according to reports, she has -- she h at least the reports were that she wanted to be more aggressive in syria. >> those were her reports. let's just put it this way. when she was still a senator before she became secretary of state, she was one of those who believed you could deal with the assad regime. she encouraged then still senator john kerry to say the same thing. she thought you could deal with the russians.
11:46 pm
this is is a late breaking conversion. >> 138 advisors that are there now is that mission creep or not? >> it was inevitable. if you want to aid these massive refugee flows, you have got to have people on the ground to organize othe distribution of what you are dropping out of the sky. otherwise, who do you think is going to get the food and water in the women and children in the elderly in the sick? of course not. it's going to be young men who are able to get to that stuff and take it. if you want equitable distribution, you have got to have if not boots on the ground then l.l.bean boots on the ground. >> let me ask you do you think there should be boots on the ground? >> you know what i mean by boots on the ground. >> if you mean infantry formations. no i don't think that's going to happen. if you don't think there aren't americans on the ground now helping to spot air strikes, helping as we can see for the distribution of humanitarian assistance, advising the kurds, i think advising the sunnies in northwest iraq of course
11:47 pm
there are who sells going to do this? >> ambassador, always nice to he see you. >> thank you. >> a chilling warning from u.s. lawmakers. they say isis is more they say isis is more powerful nau now the wonder of summer is that
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11:52 pm
north we the media,. extremist rebels. the terrorist army. the biggest terrorist army that's ever existed. >> a lot of money. a lot of arms. >> and, in fact, they have got so much recruiting trying to hire mechanicsed news is all of this. what is the pentagon strategy? i have been all over the place, you have an ethnic cleansing. a religious lensing perhaps in our life times, the most serious genocide witnessed parents got to watch what happened in world world war ii f we don't take steps now. 25 years from now.
11:53 pm
doing. you can't claim you didn't know about it you know, there are people who still say they didn't know about the holocaust in the 1940s, the reality of it is that what is happening today is right there on the visuals. they are taking their own pictures of thismv16)vx-$ there is a picture of a kid holding a head had. that secretary kerry. it's not just a military crisis. it's a true genocidal catastrophe. additional soldiers and marines going in going to do. the marines are experts at neo, noncombatant marine evacuations. that's what they need up there on that mountain side. otherwise these people are going to die one of thirst, malnutrition, disease, every time an iceland unit can can get near them they kill them. >> is 130 enough then? >> no. it depends on what we wanted
11:54 pm
to do. i mean, we are now talking about quote, targeted air strikes. >> they're all targeted. i hope they are targeted. >> to my military mind i have only spent most of my life in it. that every air strikes is targeted. >> they are supposed to be. >> supposed to be supporting hiewmplet operations and protecting american personnel. which we just put 130 more. in now up to 800 by the way. and you are also trying to protect american facilities like the consulate which has now been abandoned by the way in iceland or in -- air strikes is not a strategy. the problem here is that there doesn't seem to be anybody who wants to form a strategy. for example, if you're going to take these guys on you are seeing on the screen right now, you will have to target their command, control and communications. you can't just let them exist border between syria and iraq. what you have got to look like -- look at is not just what's happening with them but the nightmare situation
11:55 pm
happening in baghdad. al nouri refusing refuses to leave. the al shid shiite cleric, they will kill him and blame us just to get him out of there. it will be a catastrophe for the united states. >> colonel north, always nice to see you, sir. >> for better topics, i hope. >> i hope. so w
11:56 pm
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this is a fox news alert. tmz is reporting that actress lauren bacall has died. tmz bacall had a massive stroke. leading lady golden age of hollywood. how to mary a millionaire and designing women. humphrey bogart in the 1988 film key largo. 89 years old she has died. see you tomorrow night 7 p.m. 7 p.m. eastern. if you are getting home right now, set your dvr so
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you never miss "on the record" 7:00 p.m. that way you never miss it up next the o'reilly factor. good night from washington, d.c. to night on qat red eye." >> coming up on "red eye." is the government rounding up all cows made of butter and caging them for the 1%. and more importantly will anyone stand up for butter cow rights? and is the vice president just now realizing that "pulp fiction" takes place out of order? >> i never believed it, but you know what, 20 years ago nobody spoke up. nose a joke. not a joke of the not a joke. >> and how can you tell if your trampoline doesn't like you permanently? personally. none of these on on "red eye" tonight jie. and now, let's welcome our guest. she is half woman and half wine cooler. i am here with joanne nosuchunsky. and he is half


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